August 9, 2019

John Fox and Mark Gleason talk about sports on Rez Radio 91.3, but remember "It's Just A Game".  This episode is from May 28, 2019.

“MARK’S GROOVY AIRCHECKS”-B100, San Diego: Danny Wilde, Gene Knight and Gary Kelley-May, 1977

July 4, 2013

There were "B-100 Ways To Have A Ball" back in 1977 and Danny Wilde, Gene Knight and Gary Kelley prove it in this "Groovy Aircheck" from May, 1977 of B100 in San Diego.

“MARK’S GROOVY AIRCHECKS”-93/KHJ, Los Angeles: Charlie Van Dyke, M.G. Kelly & Charlie Tuna-May, 1977

July 4, 2013

It's Charlie Van Dyke's last day on 93KHJ in Los Angeles as he moves on to Dallas in May of 1977.  That afternoon, M.G. Kelly promos the "new" morning man, Charlie Tuna.  And then it's Charlie Tuna's first day on 93KHJ with his special guest Sylvester Stallone. 

“MARK’S GROOVY AIRCHECKS”-Bobby Ocean-93KHJ, Los Angeles, CA-May, 1977

July 4, 2013

Bobby Ocean gives away a thousand bucks on 93KHJ in Los Angeles in May of 1977 on this "Mark's Groovy Aircheck".

“MARK’S GROOVY AIRCHECKS”-The Real Don Steele-10Q (KTNQ), Los Angeles, CA-May, 1977

July 4, 2013

This "Mark's Groovy Aircheck" features the legendary "The Real Don Steele" from an afternoon shift on 10Q in Los Angeles in May of 1977.

“MARK’S GROOVY AIRCHECKS”-KCBQ, San Diego, CA-February 28, 1976-”KCBQ Becomes A Thing Of The Past”

May 22, 2013

"KCBQ Becomes A Thing Of The Past" was the classic "play on words" created by Gerry Cagle.  The build-up made the listeners think the station was history, as in "going away", as the lead-in to the announcement by Mason Dixon led us to believe.  Actually, it became more of a celebration of the past promotions that were a part of KCBQ, including "The Great Rip-Off", "Keep On Truckin'" and "The Last Contest".  This piece features airchecks from those classic promotions.

“MARK’S GROOVY AIRCHECKS”-B-100, San Diego, CA-December, 1977

May 22, 2013

This "Groovy Aircheck" is from B-100FM in San Diego and features Shotgun Tom Kelly, Glen McCartney, Danny Wilde, Gene Knight, Just Kevin, Jimmy Rogers, Gary Kelley and Doctor Boogie (Bobby Rich).

“MARK’S GROOVY AIRCHECKS”-B-100, San Diego, CA-April Fools Day, 1977

May 22, 2013

It's "April Fools Day, 1977" so don't always believe what you hear on B-100 in San Diego!  It features Danny Wilde...or does it??


May 22, 2013

Only from the mind of Bobby Ocean could there emerge "Zork".  This was the promo announcing the arrival of "Zork!" to 93/KHJ in Los Angeles in 1977.

“MARK’S GROOVY AIRCHECKS”-Boston PM Drive-WRKO & F-105 (WVBF)-August 1, 1978

May 22, 2013

Here's a sample of what afternoon drive and early evening sounded like in Boston, MA on August 1, 1978.  This "Groovy Aircheck" features "Big Ron" O'Brien and Willie B. on WRKO, and "Major Tom" and Jojo Kincaid on F-105 (WVBF).

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